On May 29th I participated in a worldwide photo challenge started by a Mr. Scott Kelby, a photographer that I both respect and learn a lot from. I will lay out the basic rules of the challenge here before I go into how I shot them.

  • You have to shoot either 24 or 36 exposures as that used to be the standard sizes for a roll of 35mm film.
  • You have to cover the LCD of your camera so that you can't see any settings or change any menu options.
  • ISO cannot be changed throughout the entire challenge as ISO was a part of the film and not a camera option.
  • The images cannot be reviewed in any way for a day as that was the time you used to have to wait for them to process.
  • There can be no photoshopping or editing of any kind
  • You must make at least one print

So with these rules in place I set out with a beautiful lady as an assistant and walked through town for about 3 hours in the heat shooting 24 exposures with duct tape over my LCD, my ISO set to 400 and my D60 set to Black & White. The next 5 photos are the results of this challenge. I will post each of them in succession over the next 4 days with this same text and a comment at the bottom about the photo itself. Hope you enjoy this experiment as much as I did.

This one was by far my favorite of them all. I absolutely love the juxtaposition of the graffiti and the model mixed with the expression. This is one of my favorite commentary images yet and I can't wait to run it through a little photoshop and get it sent to print.