So I have decided that because this whole 365 project is about me breaking out of my comfort zone and trying new techniques I will also be looking for and sharing things that inspire me to continue being who I am. A lot of that will be short videos, poetry, paintings, music videos and other various little things. Sometimes I have a hard time expressing why or how something inspires me so I think it will be a good exercise for me to try and share the things I treasure with anyone willing to read about it.

   This video is one that hits me deep on a level that I have a hard time expressing. It displays something, something about humanity and what music means to me. I love the characters and how they move about their stage, whether it is as simple as a childlike walk or as complicated as standing. If you have never heard of 'The Knife' or by extension 'Fever Ray' then I would highly encourage you to check out their music as it is some of my favorite semi-ambient music, (I realize that that is a very obscure sub-genre) they can flow seamlessly from the background of the room to the foreground of your thought without any surprise at all. So yeah for the second non-photographic post on this site here is The Knife with their song Silent Shout